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The Red Elephant

A unique collection of children's clothing made mostly from recycled materials. This colourful line is made by Helena Opas.

The Red Elephant is at home in the meadows, in the woods, in the asphalt jungle and the swamps. The Red Elephant has its adventures in the back yards and parks.You can find it in the sandboxes and playgrounds, on ice-skating rinks, in the children's section of bookstores, in any place where children thrive.

The Red Elephant likes the same adventures as children do. You can also find it in a store, at a farmers-market, a rock-festival, an art-exhibition or at a book reading.

The Red Elephant comes from Finland and is like the fresh air from the Finnish woods and lakes.

The Red Elephant adores sunflowers, jumps into water puddles, hugs bunnies and rustles dried leaves in the fall.

Spike leggins

Spike baby